Dr. Neal H. Haskell loves bugs. Roaches, flies, ticks, spiders, wasps - he loves them all. What he likes most about bugs is how they can help solve a crime. Neal Haskell, Ph.D., B.C.E. is a forensic entomology advisor. He helps investigators with criminal offense scenes by identifying the insects that appear on the scene.Shop online for multiple ca… Read More

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One of the biggest myths that has become component of our consciousness these days is that Salt is bad for us. This might be true for the typical desk salt that is current in nearly all processed meals but not all salt is so harmful. There are natural options to this refined salt that are really extremely beneficial.TIP #3. Use excellent pictures. … Read More

I am all about attempting new products; skincare, make up, hair, and so on. What ever I see that catches my eye, usually ends up on my shelf. Whilst shopping lately, I found a cute small vibrant green bottle of face wash from Garnier. The way the item described itself, I knew it was coming home with me.Exercise reduces tension and gives you an chan… Read More